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Have You Been Injured By A Semi Truck Driver In Oklahoma?

Very few areas of the United States have a concentration of tractor-trailer rigs like the Tulsa, Oklahoma region. As a result, accidents involving big-rigs are common and often result in very serious, oftentimes permanent injuries, and an experienced Tulsa 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney can help you. Of course, some of these accidents can tragically result in death as well. If you or your loved one is in an 18 Wheeler Accident in Oklahoma, there’s some critical information you have to understand regarding your incident.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend

Most semi trucks are owned by corporations who carry insurance policies in the event of accidents. When these insurance companies get involved in an accident, they are trained and well equipped at doing their job which is to pay you and your family the smallest amount of money as possible after you’re injured. They often employ an entire team of lawyers to help maximize their advantage and minimize what they pay. So one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a truck accident injury victim is to try and negotiate a deal with the insurance companies on your own. You will be on the losing end ANYTIME you do this.

No accident victim should ever consider handling an injury claim personally because these accidents regularly involve multiple vehicles, federal and state motor carrier laws and regulations, and can be very complicated otherwise. Finding an 18 wheeler accident attorney in Tulsa will be crucial for several reasons.

Multiple negligent parties often exist in big-rig crashes. The transportation company can usually be held liable, as well as the tractor-trailer operator being ruled negligent. Each negligent respondent will have their own personal attorney, and many times the defending transportation company will have multiple attorneys on the case. Big truck accidents involving several vehicles will require assessment by an accident reconstructionist to determine who is ultimately responsible and whether other drivers were also negligent in some manner.

Big-rig wrecks can be very complicated to unravel, and an experienced and effective personal injury attorney with a solid track record of helping big-rig accident injury victims can be crucial to a maximum damage award. Many times the laws of the state are written to protect the transportation industry, especially in states that have an intense shipping industry economic component.

That is where Wandres Law can help, as we have some of the top-rated 18 wheeler accident attorneys in Tulsa. Having tried and true legal representatives can ensure that all of your rights are protected and that all avenues of financial recovery are investigated. Never try to handle an accident claim alone.

Our Legal Services Are 100% Free Unless You Win

Wandres Law provides legal help for injury victims on a contingency basis meaning you don’t pay a single dime in legal fees unless you win or settle your case.

Contact Wandres Law and let our Tulsa 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys deal with the insurance and transportation companies on your behalf.

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