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ATV Accident Lawyer Tulsa, OK

Tulsa ATV Rollover Accident Lawyer

Examining Rollovers That Involve All-Terrain Vehicles – Helping Clients Who Have Been Involved in Accidents

When you choose the services that Tulsa ATV rollover accident attorneys at Wandres Law can offer, our experts may examine the causes of the rollover, including evaluating the make and model of the ATV and its safety history, study features that could influence handling, along with may other investigatory steps. Our experienced lawyers can also consider the speeds of the vehicles and the actions of each driver. Moreover, the experts may study defective components, inadequate tires, and the area’s terrain. Additionally, our team will determine the nature and extent of injuries and the cost of medical services and evaluate the long-term effects and permanency of the injuries.

Understanding the Statistics ATV’s, golf carts, and side by side utility vehicles, when used with care, can be fun as well as useful tools. Unfortunately, each year, more than 3,000 all-terrain vehicles are involved in accidents throughout Oklahoma. While many drivers and passengers do not require or receive medical treatment, often, these accidents can cause serious injuries or death. When an ATV experiences a rollover, the driver or passengers can often sustain severe injuries that affect the head, the neck or the spine. According to one study, ATV rollover accidents also often injure the clavicles, which are bones that are situated near the shoulders. If a rollover fractures the clavicle, the injury could impede the movements of the arms for more than six months.

Studying the Causes of Accidents

Generally, a rollover can be precipitated by inexperienced operators, defective components or various types of stunts, and of course, speed. A recent report indicated that excessive speed tremendously increases the risk of rollovers and is the primary cause of ATV and golf cart rollover accidents. According to a survey that evaluated all-terrain vehicles, most serious accidents occur on roads that feature concrete, because the tires may not efficiently grip the roads.

Examining Medical Services That a Client May Need

If you have been involved in an accident, our Tulsa ATV rollover accident attorneys will obtain and evaluate all of your medical records as part of their investigation. The physicians can recommend various surgeries, physical therapy, certain medications that could reduce inflammation, numerous types of examinations and medical devices that may improve mobility. Various studies have indicated that an injured client might not experience the full effects of an injury within three months of a rollover, so when a physician is examining an individual’s injuries, the doctor may suggest tests that involve magnetic resonance imaging.

Once our experts calculate the total costs of these medical services along with future treatment recommendations, we can effectively estimate expenses that are associated with future care. Additionally, the lawyers could determine the costs of various medical devices that enhance an individual’s mobility.

Evaluating the Effects of Emotional Distress

If a rollover has caused serious injuries, our attorneys can estimate the monetary value of the past, present and future pain and suffering and emotional distress that may be related to the injuries. After an accident, our experts could also evaluate reports that describe the psychological effects of the incident.

Studying Defective Components That Might Increase the Risk of Accidents

If you have experienced an accident, we often work with expert witnesses who can examine defective materials, various recalls, the designs of certain components or insufficient maintenance. Throughout a trial, our experts may describe the effects of defective components or other possible causes of the wreck.

Creating Diagrams and Viewing the Scene

Our experts can examine the condition of the road, the terrain, the weather conditions, and numerous road signs. The Tulsa ATV rollover accident attorneys may study features that could affect a driver’s decisions, and our experienced lawyers regularly evaluate factors that influence handling. Our lawyers can develop effective diagrams that will illustrate the vehicle’s movements. Likewise, we may describe the speeds of the all-terrain vehicles, the angle of each vehicle and numerous movements that could affect the grip of the tires.

The Statements That Witnesses Offer

If other individuals observed the accident, we can obtain statements or testimony from each witness. These statements may examine the condition of the all-terrain vehicles, the actions of each operator, the overall terrain and along with other factors that may have lead to the accident. During a trial, our experts could evaluate these reports and corroborate the statements of witnesses.

Choosing Our Services

When you are ready to learn more information about the services that Wandres Law can offer, you can examine excellent reviews, our blog, frequently asked questions and a description of our law firm. If you would like to receive a free consultation, you may complete our contact form, or if you have any questions, you can call 918-641-4044.

Serious Brain Injuries in ATV Accidents

As a Tulsa, OK ATV accident lawyer knows, while these vehicles can provide riders with lots of enjoyment, they can also result in serious injuries in the event of an accident. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries are not uncommon in these kinds of accidents, and even though some people walk away from the accident feeling fine, they may later develop symptoms and complications that leave them with permanent injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Impact on Victims

A traumatic brain injury can affect a person’s life in many different ways, including impairing a person’s short or long-term memory. A person who survives an ATV accident and is later diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury may go through periods in which he cannot remember basic facts about history, current affairs, or his own life. Things that others may take for granted, such as remembering a child’s name, how to walk, or operate machinery become difficult after some brain injuries.

A Tulsa ATV accident lawyer understands that a person who suffers from a traumatic brain injury may not be able to function at work or home as they did before the accident that caused their injuries. The person may have problems understanding directions, communicating with co-workers, focusing on tasks, and even reading and understanding written material. When these things happen, the person may lose his job or be forced to take a lower-paying position that may accommodate his condition. Although people suffering from a traumatic brain injury may not be able to return to their former state of health, there are treatment options that can help them cope with their new lives. 

Treatment for traumatic brain injuries can be expensive and last for a long period of time. The treatment may include surgery, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and in some cases speech therapy. The treatment prescribed would depend on how severe the brain injury is as diagnosed by a medical professional. 

When seeking compensation for a serious injury such as a traumatic brain injury, these consequences should be taken into consideration. The injured person may receive compensation for the loss in his income earning potential that results from the injuries. This would be in addition to an award for lost wages. The injured person may also be compensated for the changes to his daily life, especially if he is no longer able to enjoy hobbies or activities after the accident.

If you are involved in an ATV accident, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible to ensure that you do not have any undetected injuries. Your doctor can take X-rays or other imaging tests to determine if you have suffered a significant brain injury that may have lasting side effects.

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