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Manufacturing, design and marketing defects result in numerous injuries to people every year. Companies owe a duty of care to consumers to provide products that meet their customer’s ordinary expectations. If a company sells a product that has a defect, and that defect causes an injury, they may be held civilly liable through a products liability personal injury civil lawsuit.

When a person has been injured by a product in Tulsa, they should contact a Tulsa Product Liability Attorney as soon as possible following it. Oklahoma law provides strict statutory deadlines called the statute of limitations that limit the time period during which a suit can be filed. The company responsible may be any of those involved in the product’s distribution chain, including the manufacturer of the product or of one of the components of it, the company that was responsible for assembling the product or installing it, the wholesaler and the retailer that completed the sale.

Products liability cases can be highly complex and often require the involvement of experts for testimony in order to establish legal fault. There are several grounds upon which a claim may be based as well as associated legal theories. Companies often have attorneys upon which they rely to defend against products liability cases, so it is important to carefully select an attorney who is experienced in plaintiff’s products liability matters. The attorneys at Wandres Law have significant experience in helping injured plaintiffs with their products liability matters.

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If you think you might have a product liability case, you can call and speak with Wandres Law with the peace of mind that you’ll never pay us a single penny unless we win your case and you recover financial compensation. We take all cases on what’s called a contingency basis. So if you have been injured by a product, call the Tulsa Product Liability Attorneys at Wandres Law in Tulsa, OK today and we’ll listen to the details of your case and give you our professional recommendation as to whether legal action is needed.

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