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If you live in the Tulsa area, you likely travel by car or another type of motor vehicle on a regular basis. While you might not always realize it, the risk of a car accident exists any time you are on the road, and crashes happen on a regular basis in the greater Tulsa area and across the State of Oklahoma.

Staying aware of the incidence of car accidents can help increase driver safety and, hopefully, prevent future crashes. However, no matter how safely you might drive, you cannot control the decisions of other negligent drivers, and you still might suffer injuries in a crash. When this happens, you want the right Tulsa car accident lawyers from Wandres Law, PC, handling your claim.

Oklahoma Car Accident Statistics and Crash Trends

The following is some detailed information about traffic crashes, causes, and more in Oklahoma for a recent year. While this information is beneficial for many reasons, it is important to remember that accident victims are more than statistics, as they and their families can experience the effects of a crash for years to come.

General Vehicle and Driver Information

With an estimated population of 3,956,971, Oklahoma has 2,686,338 licensed drivers. The state also reports 4,337,405 registered vehicles, which include both automobiles and motorcycles. Overall, it is estimated that Oklahoma drivers traveled 45,725,660,710 miles in a single year. With this much vehicle travel occurring, it is inevitable that accidents and injuries are bound to happen.

Statewide Crash Information

In total, there were 73,267 traffic crashes reported in the State of Oklahoma in one year. Different crashes involved different numbers of vehicles, as follows:

Statewide Crash Information

While chain-reaction crashes involving more cars might commonly be associated with greater injuries, this is not always the case. Any type of crash has the potential to cause injuries, and Oklahoma accidents involved:

Statewide Crash Information

It is also notable where crashes were most likely to occur. As you travel through Oklahoma, you can experience many types of roads and environments, and the risks can change accordingly.

For example, 6,467 crashes happened on rural state or U.S. highways, while 13,348 crashes happened on urban state or U.S. highways. 11,272 accidents were reported on interstate highways or turnpikes. Finally, city streets, like those throughout Tulsa, saw 37,031 crashes, which is the most of any type of roadway.

Crashes in Tulsa and Tulsa County

Tulsa had the second-most car accidents of any city in the state, second only to Oklahoma City. The following were reported by the Tulsa Police Department and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol within Tulsa city limits:

Tulsa had the second-most car accidents of any city in the state, second only to Oklahoma City. The following were reported by the Tulsa Police Department and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol within Tulsa city limits:

Crashes in Tulsa

The following were reported for Tulsa County:

Crashes in Tulsa County
Drivers Involved in Crashes

In addition to looking at where car accidents commonly occur, it can help to examine what types of drivers were involved in crashes in Oklahoma. There were 134,696 drivers involved in reported accidents across Oklahoma, and 26,204 of those drivers were traveling in Tulsa at the time.

Drivers reported feeling different ways before or during an accident, including:

Statewide Crash Information

The age of a driver is an important factor, as both younger and older drivers can be at a higher risk of causing crashes. This might be due to inexperience or loss of faculties, respectively. The breakdown of driver age in car accidents that caused injuries or fatalities in Oklahoma is as follows:

Driving Age in Car Accidents
Crash Trends – Common Causes

It is perhaps most important to recognize the trends of why these car accidents occur in the first place. This can often give drivers a better idea of what to watch for on the road.

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving was a common cause of accidents in Oklahoma. 3,171 crashes reportedly involved alcohol, and 571 of those crashes took place in Tulsa County. 1,306 alcohol-related accidents involved possible or minor injuries, 198 led to serious injuries, and 146 caused tragic fatalities. Most drunk driving accidents happened on city streets, county roads, and interstates. By far, more alcohol-related crashes happened on Saturdays and Sundays, and most took place at night or in the early hours of the morning.

When it comes to impairment by drugs, there were 896 crashes in which this was a contributing factor, 111 of which were in the Tulsa area. 252 of these resulted in possible or minor injuries, 40 in serious injuries, and 216 in fatalities. Unlike alcohol-related crashes, drug-related crashes happened throughout the week and were not concentrated only on the weekends. In addition, they happened more in the afternoon and evening hours than late at night.

Distracted Driving

Another common cause of car accidents in Oklahoma is distracted driving. In addition to the below numbers, it is important to realize that distracted driving goes highly underreported. You cannot obtain objective evidence of distracted driving like you can with someone’s blood alcohol level, and authorities rely on the testimony of drivers and witnesses to record distracted driving as a factor in crashes. Many drivers fail to disclose that they were distracted, so the true number of distracted driving accidents might be much higher.

Distracted Driving Accidents
Distracted Driving Accidents

Not surprisingly, the large majority of distracted driving happened in urban environments, and there was a trending spike in distracted driving crashes in the early evening hours, which might coincide with many drivers’ commutes home.


Excessive speed is also a commonly reported factor in car accidents in Oklahoma. This can refer to either exceeding the posted speed limit on a given road or highway, or to driving too fast for weather, road, or traffic conditions, even if the driver was within the posted speed limit.

Speed was a factor in 8,901 car accidents in Oklahoma. Possible or minor injuries resulted from 3,029 speed-related crashes, and serious injuries resulted from 379 crashes. 105 speed-related accidents caused people to lose their lives.

Accidents due to speeding were highest during the morning and early evening hours, likely due to commutes to and from work. Tulsa had the highest number of speed-related crashes of any city in Oklahoma, with 2,045 crashes happening in the area.

Why is This Information Important?

There are different reasons why it is important to track and know the crash statistics and trends in Oklahoma and Tulsa. First, it allows drivers to be more aware of the risky behaviors of others that most often cause accidents. For example, if you see a driver who cannot stay in their lane, they might be impaired or distracted and looking away from the road. If this happens, you can steer as clear as possible from the dangerous driver to try to keep yourself safe from an accident.

In addition, knowing the common causes and trends regarding crashes can help to identify what caused an accident in which you were involved and injured. The law allows injured accident victims to hold negligent drivers liable for their losses, but first, you must identify what caused the crash. As experienced car accident attorneys, we look at trends to stay apprised of the most common causes of crashes, and these causes might be at issue in our clients’ claims.

Let Our Tulsa Car Accident Lawyers Protect Your Rights

If you are injured in a car accident in Tulsa or anywhere in Oklahoma, you can face a long road to recovery. These accidents can cause physical injuries and impairments, mental trauma, financial losses, and more. If someone else was at fault, you want to ensure that you have the best possible chance of recovering for all of your relevant losses.

Tulsa Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney

Following a crash, you want the Tulsa car accident lawyers of Wandres Law, PC, on your side. We handle all types of accident and injury claims, including car crash cases involving impairment, distracted driving, or speeding. Call (918) 641-4044 or contact us online to discuss your situation and allow us to evaluate your rights for free.

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