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As your trusted Broken Arrow, OK motorcycle accident lawyer understands, getting into an accident while riding your motorcycle can mean not only are you suffering from excruciating physical pain, but you may also be dealing with the emotional trauma from the wreck as well. Understandably, you may be wondering what steps you need to take so that you can receive compensation for the injuries you sustained as a result of your accident and it is crucial that you work with a lawyer you can count on.

At Wandres Law, PC, we appreciate the practice and form that is required to use a motorcycle. However, even if you are the safest rider out there, you could still find yourself severely injured in an accident due to a reckless car driver. Did you know that by law, drivers have a duty to those around them to operate their vehicle in a manner that is safe? So if a car driver hit you while riding a motorcycle and it caused injury and financial loss, then you may have a case. If you want to hear more about the types of damages you could be eligible for, then contact our team now.

Unfair Judgements About Motorcyclists

Motorcycle riders tend to be unfairly judged as risk-takers and rebels, and this is especially true when it comes to insurance companies handling accident lawsuits. In reality, most riders are cautious and practice safe driving. Motorcyclists are not as physically protected as car drivers so they are motivated to stay out of the way and avoid an accident. A Broken Arrow motorcycle accident lawyer is dedicated to fighting for motorcyclists and their rights as injured victims in collisions that they didn’t cause themselves. All it takes is one car driver to not look for the presence of a rider well enough before making a maneuver to result in a serious tragedy.

Accident Contributing Factors

There are limitless factors that can cause a motorcycle accident to happen. A car driver may have been distracted by their phone, adjusting the radio, talking with a passenger, been under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or felt like being reckless moments before the collision. Some drivers fail to take the time and effort to observe motorcyclists before changing lanes or proceeding through an intersection. Car drivers may not be able to accurately judge the speed of an oncoming rider or are not aware of the limitations motorcyclists have to deal with. Many accidents involving motorcyclists are the result of drivers who partake in unsafe behaviors, like tailgating, speeding, driving aggressively, and more.

Are there motorcycle helmet laws specific to my state? 

If you weren’t wearing a helmet when you got into your motorcycle accident, you may be wondering how this will affect your claim. Things can become confusing because each state will have its own laws and rules regarding liability in an accident and how wearing a helmet can affect your compensation. If you were not wearing a helmet, you should speak with your trusted Broken Arrow motorcycle accident lawyer to learn more about what actions you need to take specific to your claim.

In the state of Oklahoma, there is no law that requires every motorcycle driver to wear a helmet (though it is a wise idea to keep yourself safe while on the road). Oklahoma does, however, require anyone who is driving or riding–as a passenger–on a motorcycle to wear a helmet if they are under the age of 18.

What if insurance is telling me they will reduce my claim because I wasn’t wearing a helmet? 

If you have filed a claim with the other driver’s insurance and are hoping to receive compensation, you may be shocked when the insurance agent comes back and says they are reducing your claim amount because you were not wearing a helmet. The truth is, insurance agents will use anything they can to reduce your claim or make it seem as if you were unfit to be on the road at the time of the accident. However, having a trusted lawyer on your side to help you fight for compensation can increase your chances of not receiving a low offer. Without the help of a lawyer, you will be left negotiating with insurance on your own and the insurance agent will use many different tactics to give you the least amount of money possible.

Wearing the Proper Safety Gear 

Though you may be allowed to ride your motorcycle without a helmet legally, it is imperative that you wear the proper safety gear while on the road. Motorcycle riders, especially, must be prudent when it comes to safety on the road. While it may not hurt your claim, it can leave you in the hospital with worse injuries if you get into an accident.

Motorcyclists deserve to go out for a ride and not have to worry about being hit by a careless car driver. But sadly, these incidents happen all the time. If you were injured by a driver and need compensation for your medical bills, loss of wages, and property damage, then reach out to a Broken Arrow motorcycle accident lawyer promptly. A team member from Wandres Law, PC is waiting to assist you. Let us evaluate your situation, calculate a potential monetary award to pursue, and then hold the offenders responsible for what you have been put through. After a consultation, we can then recommend the next steps and can begin advocating for your financial recovery immediately.

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