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Do You Need Help After A Car Accident? 

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Getting into any kind of car accident can be a nuisance. In addition to the pain and suffering you may be dealing with, you may also be missing out on work, unable to do regular household chores due to your injuries, or may need to find a ride to get around while you are waiting for your car in the shop. It might seem obvious if you have suffered from serious injuries (or if your car was totaled) that you should report a car accident. However, are you always legally required to report a car accident? Are there ever circumstances where you would not need to report a car accident?

What To Do About Fender Benders 

Minor car accidents, also known as “fender benders,” are extremely common. These typically happen at red lights or stop signs when another car rolls into the one in front of it. It could also happen in a parking lot if another car nicks or dings your car. That said, a minor accident can happen anywhere and it will be important to take certain precautions and steps following the accident. You should:

  • Exchange information. No matter how minor the accident seems, it is crucial that you exchange information with the other driver. They may try to dissuade you from doing so and say there is no need to contact insurance. However, getting their contact information is extremely important.
  • Take pictures and videos. While you are at the scene of the accident, take pictures and videos. Show any damage to your car and the other driver’s car, injuries, tire tracks, weather conditions, and road signs.
  • Call local law enforcement. While this may depend on the state you live in and the circumstances surrounding your accident, if there are injuries from the accident, you may be obligated–by law–to report the accident to the police.
  • Call your insurance. As a lawyer, understands, you must report any accident to your own insurance company. This is true for every state. If you fail to do this, your insurance company may choose to drop you and this could look bad on you if you choose to pursue a personal injury claim after the accident.

Do you need help after a car accident? 

You may not even realize you need legal help following a minor car accident until you realize injuries are popping up a few days after your accident. Your lawyer will always advise you to seek medical help as quickly as possible after a car accident, even if it was minor and even if you do not feel injured immediately. If you would like more help with your car accident claim or have any more questions, reach out to a local law firm you can rely on. It is important that you get the legal help you need to make the best of this situation.

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