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Important Information For Truck Accident Victims

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If you sustained injuries in a truck accident, a Tulsa, OK truck accident attorney may be able to help. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your losses. A lawyer from Wandres Law, P.C. may help you file a timely claim against the negligent parties.

Is Distracted Driving a Common Cause of Truck Accidents?

Yes. Truck drivers often spend long hours on the road, which can get tedious after a while. Some of them may use various distractions to keep them occupied on the road. They might talk or text on a smartphone, change the radio station or eat. Unfortunately, these actions can take their eyes off the road or their hands off the steering wheel. They might not have enough time to react to a hazard on the road if they are distracted by something else.

Can Trucking Companies Be Held Responsible for Accidents?

Yes, there are many instances in which trucking companies may be considered a liable party in a collision. For example, if a trucking company hires truck drivers with drunk driving records and an intoxicated truck driver hits your vehicle, you may be able to sue the trucking company. Likewise, if a trucking company puts pressure on their truck drivers to deliver goods and forces them to be on the road longer than they should, they may also be held liable for an accident. 

Are Catastrophic Injuries More Common in Truck Accidents?

Yes, as a Tulsa truck accident attorney can confirm, truck accidents are more likely to result in catastrophic injuries than car accidents. Commercial trucks are very large vehicles and weigh tens of thousands of pounds. Therefore, it stands to reason that they can cause serious damage to anything they touch. Truck accident victims can suffer catastrophic injuries, like burns, traumatic brain injuries, and amputations. That’s why it’s critical to seek immediate emergency medical attention after a truck accident.

Should I Accept a Settlement from the Insurance Company?

Shortly after a truck accident, the defendant’s insurance company may try to offer you a settlement. While that might sound like a good deal, you may want to think twice about accepting the insurance company’s first offer. They care about the bottom line first and don’t have your best interests in mind. The initial settlement offer may not come close to covering the cost of all of your damages. Always have an experienced attorney review a settlement before you accept it.

How Do I Prepare for My First Meeting with an Attorney?

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney promptly. Be prepared to answer many questions about your case, such as how the truck accident occurred and what injuries you sustained. If you have any documentation pertaining to the accident, such as a police report or medical records, bring them with you. If you have questions of your own during the meeting, don’t be afraid to ask them.

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