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A dog is one of the best companions we can have, up until they bite someone and assistance from an Owasso, OK dog bite lawyer is needed. Being bitten by a dog can be scary enough, and then victims have to worry about their health along with that experience. If you were recently attacked by a dog, chances are you have sustained some degree of physical harm, and mental trauma. Our team at Wandres Law, PC can help you pursue compensation for your medical bills from the owner of the animal. By law, a dog owner is responsible for any and all harm caused by their canine. For further advice about your individual situation, contact our team today.

Types of Injuries

There are a number of injuries that tend to be most common from a dog bite. Depending on how deeply the dog had bitten, it’s possible that someone has soft tissue wounds, puncture marks, and muscle damage. The injury may be more or less severe based on the size of the dog and how far in the teeth had broken through the skin barrier. A dog bite that did not break skin probably won’t need much care aside from what a first aid kit can offer. However, if the bite did go through the skin, there is always a chance of infection. As a Owasso dog bite lawyer suggests, due to the possibility of an infection brewing, medical attention is always recommended. 

Risks of Scarring and Infection

When a dog’s teeth break through the skin, the chance of infection developing is ever-present. After the incident, it’s important to see a doctor, get stitches if needed, keep the area clean, use antibiotic ointment, and watch it for signs of infection. If you notice the bite wound gets red and puffy or starts oozing yellow or green fluid, you must get yourself back to the doctor immediately. Infections are something to take very seriously. Dogs have bacteria in their mouths that can get transferred into a person’s system when a bite occurs. Even after the wound heals, there is a risk of scarring, which can have long-term effects to someone’s appearance and health.

Suing the Owner

As someone who was bitten by a dog, you can pursue payment from the dog owner for your medical bills and other types of loss. For instance, the owner may be liable for your copays to visit a doctor, medical treatments, medication, and wage loss from missing out on work. If you are interested in suing the owner for compensation, then we suggest contact our team at Wandres Law, PC as soon as you can. An Owasso dog bite lawyer can consult with you about the incident and then help you file paperwork to seek restitution. If you have questions at all, we are available to answer them. Feel free to give us a call or email at your next convenience. We hope to hear from you so we can come to your aid right away.

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