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Truck Accident Lawyer Owasso, OK

If you have recently been in an accident involving a semi-truck, we urge you to reach out to an Owasso, OK truck accident lawyer right away. Due to the complex nature of these types of collisions, it is recommended that a legal team represents you as you seek compensation from the at-fault driver and/or other parties. If your accident happened some time ago and you have already undergone some treatment, there is still time for a team member at Wandres Law, PC to intervene. We can ensure you get the most out of your accident case as possible. We can help you collect evidence, medical documentation, witness statements, and other useful evidence to show how greatly you were negatively affected by the truck accident. Call today to book an upcoming consultation.

Dealing with Truck Companies

It is important to know that there may be more than one party responsible for the semi-truck accident. The driver may be the primary reason why the collision happened in the first place, however, the trucking company, cargo loading crew, part manufacturer, or other entity could share liability in your lawsuit. The driver may have been speeding, but the loading crew may have put more stock onto the vehicle than what is safe. Additionally, a truck part manufacturer could be partly at fault if there was an engine or brake malfunction that contributed to the accident. Your lawyer can investigate further and identify other parties aside from the driver who should be included in your lawsuit. Let us deal with the trucking companies, as they tend to be difficult to negotiate with. 

What To Do Afterwards

As an Owasso truck accident lawyer explains, you and your legal team must take action shortly after the semi-truck accident in order to yield the most compensation possible. If you wait or delay in seeking restitution, it could hinder your ability to receive a fair settlement. Our team can help you collect critical evidence, like the truck driver’s qualifications, witness testimonies, and more. Your lawyer can perform investigations to uncover evidence you may not have realized was a factor in the collision. Your lawyer can also determine liability for the accident, whether that is the parts manufacturer, trucking company, truck driver, or all three. By calculating your total losses and damages you can get a better idea of what your case is worth. But you can trust that we will do everything in our power to reach a settlement that is maximized based on what you went through. 

Get Help Today

From the start, the trucking company associated with the accident is probably going to attempt to reduce how much compensation you get as a result of the collision. Even if you present evidence of severe bodily injury and financial loss from car repairs and medical bills, a trucking company will want to save as much money as possible. Sadly, as our team at Wandres Law, PC is aware, that often comes at a cost to victims who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let us protect and advocate for you by calling an Owasso truck accident lawyer today. 

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