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Motorcycling is a popular activity in Tulsa, offering a sense of freedom and adventure on the open road. However, it is an unfortunate reality that bikers are at a higher risk of injury in the event of an accident due to their exposure and vulnerability compared to other road users. Understanding your legal rights as a biker in Tulsa is crucial in ensuring your protection and ability to seek justice and compensation if an accident occurs.

Your Right To Safety On The Road

Every motorcyclist in Tulsa has the right to share the road safely with other vehicles. This means that other drivers must respect your space, adhere to traffic laws, and take necessary precautions to avoid putting you at risk. You have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as other motorists, including the right of way when it is applicable.

The Right To Wear Protective Gear

Oklahoma law requires all motorcycle operators and passengers under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. While adults over 18 are not mandated to wear a helmet, doing so is highly recommended as it significantly reduces the risk of severe head injuries in the event of an accident. Additionally, wearing appropriate protective gear such as gloves, boots, and a jacket can provide extra layers of safety.

The Right To Proper Licensing And Education

Tulsa motorcyclists have the right to access proper licensing and education. Obtaining a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license requires passing a written exam and a skills test, ensuring that you have the knowledge and ability to operate your motorcycle safely.

Your Right to Compensation After an Accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries, damages, and any other losses incurred. This can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

The Right To Legal Representation

In the event of a motorcycle accident, you have the right to seek legal representation to help navigate the complexities of personal injury law and ensure your rights are upheld. A qualified Tulsa, OK motorcycle accident lawyer can provide invaluable support, helping you to understand your options, gather necessary evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Understanding Comparative Negligence

Oklahoma operates under a comparative negligence system, meaning that even if you are partially at fault for the accident, you may still be eligible for compensation. However, your compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault. It is important to understand this aspect of Oklahoma law and how it may affect your case.

At Wandres Law, PC, we are committed to protecting the rights of motorcyclists in Tulsa. We understand the unique challenges faced by bikers and are dedicated to providing the legal support and representation needed to ensure your rights are respected and upheld. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, reach out to us today. Together, we can navigate the legal process, secure the compensation you deserve, and help you get back on the road to recovery.

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