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Every business has legal questions and concerns arise, but many companies do not have the legal guidance they need for efficient and effective solutions. Large and established corporations often have in-house counsel or even entire legal teams on staff who are ready to address any legal matters the moment they come up. However, if you do not have the need or resources for full-time counsel on payroll, it does not mean that legal help isn’t available.

At Wandres Law, PC, we offer outside general counsel services to businesses of all types. Whether you are in your formative stages and need guidance regarding corporate formation and initial compliance, or you are an established company that faces a legal dispute now and again, it is important that you have a dedicated legal professional ready to help.

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How We Help Our Business Clients

Many smaller companies do not have legal questions on a daily basis. When companies do shell out the funds to have in-house counsel on payroll, these lawyers might regularly wait around for issues to arise. This is not the best use of your resources as a smaller business or startup.

Instead, our outside general counsel services give you the opportunity to have legal help ready when you need it, but that is not wasting your company’s resources when you do not have an active concern. We help with a wide range of business-related legal matters, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Advice regarding business formation, including filing all necessary paperwork with the state
  • Drafting and negotiating all operating, owner, and partner agreements
  • Handling all necessary securities law filings and reports as required by the SEC
  • Working to protect your company’s intellectual property, including trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and putting in place necessary non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and licensing agreements
  • Drafting, negotiating, and reviewing all vendor, client, and business contracts
  • Assistance with all aspects of corporate governance, including meetings and resolutions among shareholders and boards of directors
  • Raising capital and investor relations
  • Providing counseling on business strategy, decision-making, and fiduciary duties
  • Commercial lease concerns and negotiations
  • Commercial property investment and transactions
  • Employment issues, including hiring practices, employee contracts, benefits packages, employee handbooks and policies, and responding to employee complaints regarding wage and hour violations or employment discrimination
  • Executive compensation matters, such as restricted stock agreements, stock options, and non-equity or equity-based compensation incentives
  • Vetting of potential joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions, including overseeing due diligence and negotiating complicated agreements
  • Compliance issues regarding every aspect of your industry and operations
  • Risk management issues

The above are all efforts to reduce the risk of conflicts whenever possible. We work with you to take necessary preventative measures to keep your business running as smoothly as possible without disruption.

However, our legal team also knows that legal disputes inevitably arise for businesses of all types and sizes. When this happens, we use our dispute resolution skills and techniques to try to reach reasonable solutions efficiently while minimizing losses or liability for your company.

We represent clients in:

  • Informal negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

These processes can work to resolve:

  • Owner and partner disputes
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Commercial insurance claim disputes

The fewer resources you devote to resolving legal disputes, the better, so long as you reach a favorable resolution. Our team uses efficient and effective dispute resolution methods to protect your company and its resources.

The Right Value for Your Company
If your company does not have in-house general counsel, you might feel the need to hire a law firm that charges exorbitant hourly fees when a legal question or problem comes up. In some situations, facing risk, losses, or liability might seem to make more sense than paying these hefty attorney’s fees.

Our legal team provides another solution that both protects the interests of small businesses and their overheads. Instead of charging you by the hour – or even the quarter-hour – for every phone conversation, email, or other basic communications, we have flexible fee structures that allow you to retain our services for a flat fee or on an as-needed basis.

Instead of nickel-and-diming companies in our community, our goal is to help our business clients thrive, which includes respecting their budgets as well as their legal needs. With our cost-effective solutions to legal questions, you can focus on running your operations without concern over how you are going to resolve disputes or other questions that will naturally arise in the course of your business. This gives you the confidence to make decisions, as well as reassurance that you have trusted legal assistance when needed.

Tailoring Our Process to Your Legal Needs

Wandres Law, PC, understands that each company is different with its own unique needs and concerns. Some businesses have highly complex compliance issues, commercial real estate needs, and more. Others might need more help getting started, but their operations are fairly low maintenance unless a conflict arises.

Our lawyers learn the ins and outs of every business client, which allows us to:

  • Understand your business objectives
  • Provide quick advice regarding legal questions
  • Represent you in negotiations and dispute resolution
  • Know your budget concerns and work within them

Because we understand your operations, we can address your legal needs efficiently and within your agreed-upon fee structure.

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Tulsa Outside General Counsel Attorney

If your company does not have in-house general counsel, you can still protect your business from a legal perspective. It is always worth it to explore the many benefits of outside general counsel assistance. The team at Wandres Law, PC, wants your company to thrive, so we work to minimize your legal issues, as well as the cost of legal assistance.

Call (918) 641-4044 or contact us online for a consultation to learn more about these services. We work to understand your company and its needs, and develop a representation agreement that works for your organization. We’re ready to help.


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