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Getting the Right Medical Treatment after a Car Crash

Posted onApril 8, 2021

Getting the Right Medical Treatment after a Car Crash

Ensuring that you obtain the right medical care after a car crash is important not only for your health but also for the claim that you will be filing later on to get the compensation you need for the damages you incurred.

A car crash can leave anyone confused and shaken up. You’re sure that you didn’t cause the crash, but between the injuries, the trauma, and the looming financial losses, you will need to attend to many things. But it’s vital to note that above all else, you should prioritize getting prompt and proper medical treatment.

First, always seek the medical treatment you need. Next, contact a Tulsa car accident attorney for legal assistance.

Why Seeking Proper and Prompt Medical Care is Very Important

During an adrenaline high, you might not be able to feel the real effects of your injuries following the crash. Lots of people have survived major car crashes feeling perfectly fine and with no obvious serious injury, just to learn later on that they actually sustained more severe injuries. This is why it’s immensely important to seek medical treatment immediately after any accident.

Additionally, getting prompt medical care serves two crucial purposes:

  1. Ensure that your injuries are diagnosed and treated properly. Any injury, especially more serious injuries, will require the right medical treatment. Injuries such as spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injuries could cause serious complications that can lead to chronic and severe limitations. Also, if you move around, not knowing that you have broken bones because you’ve yet to feel pain due to the adrenaline that flooded your body during the crash, you might unknowingly cause further injury that could lead to more complications. Having your injuries evaluated by doctors right after your car crash will help you secure the prompt medical care you need and increase your chances of seeking fair compensation for your injuries.
  1. Provide official evidence of the extent of your injuries and when they occurred. For your car accident claim to succeed, you’ll need to clearly demonstrate that the liable party’s actions caused the accident and, in turn, your injuries. If you fail to obtain prompt medical treatment after the crash, the defendant’s lawyer or insurance provider may attempt to claim that your injuries were not caused by the crash, so you don’t have a claim against them. On the other hand, immediate medical treatment can serve as evidence that your Tulsa car accident attorney can use to strengthen your claim.

Why Following All Your Doctor’s Instructions is Vital

Once you’ve been discharged from the emergency room or hospital, you will be given specific instructions for treatment and aftercare, so you can manage your injuries at home. With an injured foot, for instance, you may have to avoid using the injured foot and use a crutch or wheelchair. You may also be given specific care instructions. For instance, if you sustained deep lacerations, you will have to clean and change the dressings regularly. Failing to keep your open wounds clean could result in infections that might make your symptoms worse.

Listen to all your doctor’s instructions carefully and follow them. Failing to follow the instructions might complicate your recovery and your claim. In Oklahoma and almost all states, injured parties have a duty to mitigate their damages, which means that they must take reasonable steps to obtain medical treatment and follow the treatment instructions. Otherwise, the injury may persist or become harder or more costly to treat, and a defendant may argue that the injured party failed to do his or her duty to mitigate damages, so the defendant can’t be held responsible for the injury.

Consult with an Experienced Tulsa Car Accident Attorney As Soon As Possible

An experienced car accident lawyer will assess the accident to determine how to go about your claim. Your lawyer will help you understand all your legal rights and options following an accident and figure out how much compensation will suffice for the damages you incurred. If your personal injury claim goes to trial, your lawyer will fight to ensure that you receive the compensation you’re rightfully entitled to. Beyond this, your lawyer will also serve as your advocate when dealing with insurance companies, defendants, and other parties relevant to your claim.

Contact Wandres Law, PC, at 918-641-4044 or schedule your free consultation online with a Tulsa car accident attorney today.

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