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Beware of Halloween-Related Injuries

Posted onOctober 23, 2019

Once fall arrives each year, stores are focusing on selling costumes, candy, pumpkins, and other items for a festive Halloween. Children and adults alike look forward to this holiday, as it can involve parties at school, work, or with friends, as well as trick-or-treating for the kids. People decorate their homes in a spooky way and adults and children alike carefully pick out costumes.

With all the preparation and anticipation, some people have their Halloween expectations disrupted by serious accidents and injuries. The reality is that with the fun of Halloween also comes the increased risk of injuries. If you or your child suffered injuries this Halloween, you may need the help of an experienced Tulsa personal injury lawyer right away. While many types of injuries happen every Halloween, the following are some common accidents that might lead to injury claims.

Pedestrian Accidents

When children and their parents head out to visit homes and businesses for trick-or-treating, it naturally increases the number of pedestrians that are outside. To make matters riskier, trick-or-treating often occurs during the evening commute, and as the sun is setting or after dark. This combination of factors enhances the dangers of pedestrian crashes. The danger from pedestrians out trick-or-treating after dark has only increased in recent years with distracted driving at an all-time high.

Parents can take measures to keep children safe from getting hit by a car on Halloween, including limiting the number of times children cross the street, ensuring they are always supervised, and using flashlights, glow necklaces, and reflective clothing. However, despite taking precautions, children inevitably do get injured on Halloween – just because you have your child wearing reflective clothing or lights doesn;t mean that drivers are actually taking precautions or even paying attention to the road. If an accident happens this year, you should not hesitate to discuss your rights with an experienced pedestrian crash attorney.

Drunk Drivers

Children are not the only ones who enjoy celebrating Halloween; of course, adults often dress up and attend parties as well. Whether a celebration is at a friend’s house or a bar, many people take this opportunity to celebrate with some alcoholic drinks. Despite all of the awareness of the dangers of
drunk driving, many people decide to drive home on Halloween after having too much to drink.

Drunk drivers are always dangerous, but they can be especially dangerous when there are more pedestrians out than usual. Impaired drivers can hit pedestrians as well as other vehicles, often causing devastating injuries. It is important that you know what to do to hold a drunk driver fully accountable for a crash and your losses.

First, after a drunk driving accident, you should always call 911. The police can arrest the driver if they believe they are intoxicated. After you receive the medical treatment you need, you should then contact a drunk driving accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss what happens next.

Falls and Related Accidents

On Halloween, many kids and adults wear clothes they are not used to wearing. If someone is wearing a long robe or cape, it can cause them to
trip and fall. However, other people can be responsible for falls, as well. When people decorate for Halloween, they may place jack-o-lanterns and other decorations on their steps, porches, or near walkways. This increases the risk of people tripping and falling and sustaining injuries.

When someone falls in a costume, their injuries may be worsened due to costume accessories. Parents should ensure any fake swords, knives, or other weapons or accessories are not capable of causing serious injuries if a child falls.


Unfortunately, some people take advantage of Halloween to wear masks and commit criminal offenses. Sometimes, this involves assaults or robberies that cause injuries to unsuspecting victims. If you were the victim of violence on Halloween, you should always discuss your rights with a skilled personal injury attorney who may be able to help you recover for your injuries and losses.

Contact a Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

At the office of Wandres Law, PC, we hope that everyone in the Tulsa area has a safe and enjoyable Halloween in 2019. However, if something happened and caused injuries to you or your child, you should not wait to protect your rights.

Our Tulsa personal injury lawyers handle all types of injury cases, including pedestrian accidents, car accidents, falls, and more. If you would like to discuss a possible case and how we can help, please call (918) 641-4044 or contact us online to speak to our office directly today.

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