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What Color Cars Have the Most Accidents?

Posted onAugust 9, 2022

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When you are in the market for a new car, you might not give too much thought as to how your color selection could impact your potential crash risk. However, multiple studies have actually examined this issue, and it is important to keep in mind how the color of a new car can translate to the chances of being involved in an automobile accident. When you suffer injuries in a crash in Oklahoma, you will want to be quick to seek the help of a Tulsa car accident lawyer.

For most people, colors are chosen as a matter of personal preference, with the desired color often being more reflective of a person’s personality. While you certainly want to look good behind the wheel, you may also want to pick a color that keeps you safe.

Most Dangerous Car Colors

According to various studies, the five most dangerous car colors include:

  • Black   One study by Money Super Market found that black cars were 47 percent more likely for involvement in crashes than vehicles of any other color. Other studies have much lower percentages, but black cars are usually at least 10 percent more likely to be involved in accidents, and the Vehicle Color Study conducted by Monash University Accident Research Center (MUARC) found black cars had a 12 percent higher crash risk. Black cars are dangerous because their dark color obviously makes them more difficult to see at night.
  • Gray A gray car carries an 11 percent higher risk of being involved in a collision, according to research.
  • Silver   Silver cars have a 10 percent higher risk of being in accidents. Like gray cars, silver cars have a tendency to blend in with roads and other backgrounds.
  • Blue   Blue cars involve a 7 percent higher likelihood of crashing. The evidence here supports that this is so because blue is a popular color choice, and not necessarily because the color itself leads to more collisions.
  • Red   Right beside blue, red cars also have a 7 percent chance of being involved in an accident. Red is a common choice for many sports cars, but red is also a common color for road signs, traffic control devices, sirens, and brake lights, meaning they can easily blend in with their surroundings.

Safest Car Colors

A study identified the eight following colors as being your safest choices:


  • Yellow   Yellow is, of course, a bright color that helps vehicles really stand out, which is why many people notice taxis and school buses.
  • White White is again a good color for standing out at night.
  • Orange   Orange is not an especially common color, but like yellow, it can be on the brighter side and help a vehicle appear more visible at night.
  • Gold   Gold can be beneficial because it can be bright and shiny, helping a vehicle really stand out in most settings.
  • Cream   Again, cream color helps people stand out at night and can usually serve as a contrast to most surroundings.
  • Pink   Pink cars really stand out, and people never fail to notice them, so you will never catch anybody off guard. There is also decreased likelihood of blending in with any surroundings because pink is unique.
  • Silver   While we listed this as being one of the most dangerous above, one study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found a significant reduction in the risk of serious injury in silver vehicles compared to white cars, and silver cars also represented the fewest number of cases in that study.
  • Green   You will run some risk of blending in with traffic lights or even sprawling lawns, but green can still be a color that does work for standing out.

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