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Head Injuries from Traffic Accidents

Posted onMarch 10, 2020

Traffic accidents can be dangerous due to the high risk of injuries to those involved. Accident victims can, of course,  sustain a wide range of injuries to many parts of their bodies. However, generally the most serious type of injuries that our clients experience are head injuries, and there are various kinds of head injuries that can result from traffic crashes or other types of accidents.

Types of Traffic Accidents

Almost any type of traffic crash has the potential to result in a head injury, including:

No matter how an accident occurred, or the types of vehicles involved, it is possible for someone to suffer head trauma or a violent jolt of the head that can lead to head injuries.

Skull Fractures

If the skull sustains direct trauma, it can lead to a fracture. Fractures can include depressions in the skull, cracks, or chips in the bone. Fractures can often leave people with permanent disfigurement, as a skull depression might remain permanently and can be visible externally. In addition, if part of the bone chips off or shifts inward, it can damage brain tissue and result in a penetrating brain injury, brain contusion, or serious traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Traumatic Brain Injury

One of the most frequent head injuries is a traumatic brain injury – commonly referred to as a TBI. This injury happens when the brain hits the inside of your skull, which causes damage to brain tissue. This can result from a jolt, as with a sudden deceleration when a person hits their head, or direct trauma, both of which regularly occur in a traffic crash.


There are different degrees of TBIs, including:


  • Mild – A mild TBI is most often called a concussion. A concussion can cause brief loss of consciousness (although not all victims of a TBI lose consciousness during the trauma) , as well as confusion, headaches, and other cognitive or physical symptoms. These symptoms can last for a few days or weeks, and patients might need to refrain from certain activities while they recover.
  • Moderate – This type of TBI can cause a victim to be unconscious for a few minutes or longer, and they might experience serious cognitive, physical, and behavioral effects. These effects might last for months or much longer, and can interfere with the patient’s life in many ways. Often, rehabilitation is needed. Moderate TBi’s can, unfortunately, lead to permanent cognitive changes.
  • Severe – A severe TBI can lead to a lasting coma for days, weeks, or longer. These patients might spend an extended time in the hospital and might require surgery. Often, severe brain injuries lead to permanent disabilities and impairments that can change the course of a person’s life.


Head Injury Complications

There are many types of complications that can come with a head injury. Often, head injuries can be accompanied by the swelling of the brain or hemorrhaging within the skull. Both of these can cause a person’s intracranial pressure to increase to dangerous levels. Sometimes, surgeons might need to remove part of the skull to release pressure and/or insert a monitor to keep track of pressure. These complications can make the recovery process much longer and costlier.

What if You Sustained a Head Injury in an Accident?

After a crash, it is important to note whether you hit your head. If you did, and you feel anything out of the ordinary, you should get medical attention. Often, people think it is “normal” to feel disoriented or confused after an accident, so they do not get the treatment they need.

Getting an appropriate medical evaluation is essential to both your physical recovery and your future insurance claim. Many head injuries are invisible to others, so having test results and medical records that demonstrate your injury is highly important. You might have the right to recover for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, permanent disabilities, and more.

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