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What is Oklahoma Insurance Bad Faith?

Posted onMarch 24, 2019
You purchased car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or supplemental health insurance policy to help protect you and your family in time of need, whether it be from an auto accident, house fire, natural disaster, illness, or other loss. You diligently pay premiums every month, with the comfort of knowing that if the unexpected happens, your insurance company will presumably step up to the plate, and provide you with the protection and

assistance that they promised that you would receive. Unfortunately, all too often in Oklahoma insurance companies break their promises. They deny insurance claims. Sometimes, your own insurer leaves you stranded and claims that you aren’t covered. An Oklahoma insurance bad faith lawyer from Wandres Law can help.

In Oklahoma, all insurance companies are to act in good faith when dealing with legitimate claims that are submitted by its own insureds. Oklahoma law requires that insurance companies treat their customers fairly, which includes prompt payments of claims that legitimately should be paid. Unfortunately, many insurance companies don’t always honor their promises or commitments to their insureds, and often ignore their own insurance policy language. They deny legitimate claims. They delay payment on a claim even when they know that the claim is valid, often requesting unnecessary and burdensome information to further delay payment. This blatant mistreatment can often leave their insureds feeling betrayed and helpless.  If you’ve reached this point in trying to deal with your insurance company, it’s time to call the Oklahoma insurance lawyers of Wandres Law.

Bad faith insurance law developed in Oklahoma to protect consumers because insurance companies unfairly deny your claim or offer an unreasonable payment of insurance benefits. Bad faith can also occur when an insurance company fails to properly investigate a claim, delays the processing of a claim, or makes a “lowball” offer that is well below the reasonable value of the claim. If you believe your insurance company has failed to act in good faith regarding your coverage, you may file a lawsuit against it in an attempt to receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

An insurance policy is a contract. When your insurance company doesn’t comply with the terms of the contract you both agreed upon,  they may be in breach of the contract. At Wandres Law, we represent victims of Bad Faith insurance claims. If you believe that you are being abused by your own insurance company, call us to schedule a free consultation with an Oklahoma insurance bad faith lawyer today.

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