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Road Rage Accidents and Injuries in Tulsa

Posted onDecember 17, 2019

Aggressive driving is a problem in every city. Traffic, people running late, and other factors can cause drivers to lose their patience and engage in dangerous driving behaviors. In some situations, aggression can escalate even further to road rage.

Road rage involves drivers intentionally putting other motorists in harm’s way due to anger or frustration. Road rage can involve many different behaviors, all of which have the potential to cause serious injuries to others. The following are only some examples of how road raging drivers cause accidents and injuries. 

Distracting and threatening other drivers – Many road rage behaviors can distract other drivers, make them fearful, and increase the risk they might crash. Some such behaviors include excessive and unnecessary honking, flashing lights, or making obscene gestures. Some drivers yell frightening threats at other drivers, and some people even display handguns or other weapons to scare others. Needless to say, this can cause serious distractions, which can lead innocent drivers to crash.

Running drivers off the road – Most of us would never consider running someone else off the road. However, it happens more than you might imagine, and many drivers might purposely cut off other drivers, so they have to swerve off the road, or they might infringe on the other driver’s lane, so they have no choice but to leave the road. Many people who get run off the road might be involved in rollovers or might fall down an embankment.

Purposely colliding with other vehicles – It can be difficult to believe that someone would intentionally cause an accident. However, this happens when drivers become enraged and cannot control their anger. Some drivers might try to scare others by “tapping” their bumper, while others will swerve into the side of a car or slam on their brakes in front of an unsuspecting driver. All of these collisions can cause severe injuries. 

Following drivers off the road – In some situations, drivers who feel threatened by others might try to exit or make turns to avoid a road-raging driver. However, the situation can become even more terrifying if the road rager follows the driver off the highway or road. Once in a parking lot or at a stoplight, the angry driver might exit the vehicle to continue – and often escalate – the situation. Sometimes, this can turn into a violent encounter.

Recent Road Rage Incidents

Many road rage accidents occur after an accident and often result in additional injuries. On December 7, 2019, a seemingly simple fender-bender collision escalated into a frightening encounter for one man in Austin, Tx. A 63-year-old man reportedly rear-ended another car while they were in traffic, and both drivers got out of their cars to look at the damage. The accident victim did not speak English, and the 63-year-old allegedly became enraged. Reports indicate he started yelling racist comments and then produced a gun with a laser site. He pointed the gun at both the victim and his mother, who had been in the car. Police arrested the raging driver, who now faces second-degree felony assault with a deadly weapon, and lost his current rights to own a firearm. 

This is only one example of how quickly and unexpectedly road rage incidents can arise. One second, you might be driving along as usual, and the next, you might encounter someone who sets out to harm you out of anger. It is important to know what to do when you encounter a road raging driver:

  1. Give them as much room as possible
  2. If they are tailgating you, move to another lane as soon as you can
  3. Try to ignore threats and gestures
  4. Do not engage in interactions with them or continue a confrontation
  5. If a driver follows you, do not park the car or exit your vehicle – instead, call the police or drive to a police station

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