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What Time of the Day Are Car Accidents Most Likely to Happen?

Posted onJune 10, 2022

time car accidents are more likely to happen

Car accidents happen regularly and at all times of the day. As we wake up and consider heading to work, picking up the kids from school, or making the rush hour drive home, we have all seen a fender-bender. Nobody wants to get stuck on the side of the road exchanging insurance information, so you might have asked yourself before, “What is the most likely time of the day (or night) to be involved in a car accident?”

According to IIHS, fatality accidents are most likely to occur in the 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. time range. Over 14,000 people were killed during this 2 hour period in a recent year. However, as a percentage of people on the road, 12:00 A.M. to 4 A.M. is the most deadly timeframe for driving. But what are some of the reasons for the disparity in death rates?

Read on for more information about deadly times on the road. Seek help from a car accident lawyer if you are injured in an accident

Night Driving

Driving at night creates a portion of the disparity. For one, nighttime driving reduces visibility, making worse reactions and prohibiting some of the evasive maneuvers drivers take to avoid an accident during the day. Additionally, nighttime drivers are less likely to wear a seatbelt at night. Speeding also factors into the equation, and, not surprisingly, more drunk drivers add to the problem. Speeding is a factor in approximately 30% of fatal crashes. The number of fatal crashes that are alcohol-related during the day, 18%, triples during the nighttime hours to 54%.

Predictably, the safest time to drive is in the early morning hours. Early in the morning, there are fewer drivers on the road as a whole and the drivers are less likely to speed, more likely to wear a seatbelt, and are much less likely to be operating a vehicle while intoxicated. There is only about 9% of peak-hour traffic during the early morning hours. Also, mid-week days tend to see fewer accidents, while weekends tend to increase the risk of a traffic accident.

Risk Mitigation

There are several things drivers can do to reduce the risk of traffic accidents, even during the more dangerous times. For one, drivers can wear a seatbelt. While this doesn’t reduce the likelihood of an accident during peak times, it will reduce the chance of severe injury or death. Also, remaining focused on the task of driving minimizes the likelihood of an auto accident considerably. According to AAA, 82% of drivers understand that distracted driving is a significant risk factor for being involved in a traffic accident. Despite this fact, approximately half of drivers admit to having talked on a cell phone while driving and almost 15% of drivers say they read or send text messages while behind the wheel. This behavior will increase your chances of being involved in an accident, especially when combined with the statistical peak hours already mentioned.

Bankrate also provides a helpful chart laying out the worst times and days to drive. While the data is less granular, they also find that the worst times to drive fall in a similar range, 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., is when they advise avoiding the road. Additionally, they find that Fridays tend to be worse than any other single day of the week. This is so because there is a much higher volume of drivers on the road than on different days of the week. On Friday, not only are their commuters making their weekly journey home, but travelers are beginning to hit the road for their weekend getaways. Finally, if you’re looking to reduce your chances of being involved in an auto accident, consider leaving for holiday travels earlier or later than usual.

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FAQs on Car Accidents

As a trusted Tulsa, OK car accident attorney knows, car accidents can result from a wide range of actions and behaviors on the road. Understanding these actions and their potential consequences is crucial for all drivers to promote safer roads. The team from Wandres Law, PC can help you with your claim when you are ready.

What is distracted driving, and why is it a leading cause of car accidents?

Distracted driving refers to any activity that diverts a driver’s attention from the primary task of driving. This can include texting or talking on a phone, eating, using in-car entertainment systems, or even daydreaming. Distracted driving is a significant cause of car accidents because it takes the driver’s focus away from the road, impairs reaction times, and increases the risk of collisions.

How does speeding contribute to car accidents?

Speeding is a leading factor in many accidents. A Tulsa car accident attorney knows that when a driver exceeds the speed limit or drives too fast for road and weather conditions, they have less time to react to unexpected situations. High speeds also increase the severity of accidents, making it more likely that injuries or fatalities will occur. Speed limits are established to maximize safety, and adhering to them is essential.

What are the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is a significant contributor to car accidents. These substances impair a driver’s judgment, coordination, and reaction times. Impaired drivers are more likely to make errors, misjudge distances, and engage in reckless behaviors, all of which can lead to accidents. DUI is illegal and poses a severe threat to road safety.

How does aggressive driving contribute to car accidents?

Aggressive driving encompasses behaviors such as tailgating, excessive speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and road rage. Aggressive drivers often engage in risky maneuvers and disregard traffic rules, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Aggressive driving can escalate situations on the road, leading to confrontations and dangerous actions that put everyone at risk.

What role does running red lights or stop signs play in causing accidents?

Running red lights and stop signs is a blatant violation of traffic laws and a common cause of car accidents. When drivers fail to obey traffic signals, they create situations where other vehicles may enter intersections legally, leading to dangerous collisions. These accidents are often severe due to the high speeds involved and the side-impact or T-bone nature of the collisions.

In addition to these five frequently asked questions, it’s essential to recognize that many other factors can contribute to car accidents. These include adverse weather conditions, poor road maintenance, vehicle defects, fatigue, and driver inexperience. However, by understanding and addressing the actions mentioned above, drivers can significantly reduce their risk of being involved in an accident and contribute to safer roads for all.

Get Legal Help For Your Car Accident

To promote road safety, drivers should prioritize attentive and focused driving, avoid distractions, obey speed limits, never drive under the influence, practice patience and courtesy on the road, and always adhere to traffic signals and signs. Additionally, staying informed about road safety measures and seeking legal consequences for reckless drivers can help create a safer driving environment for everyone. To see what our trusted Tulsa car accident attorney can do for you, reach out to Wandres Law, PC now.

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