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What are the most common reasons for truck accidents in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Posted onNovember 7, 2017

As per fatality statistics from the Truck Safety Coalition, OK recorded the third-highest wrongful deaths arising from truck crashes in 2009. Nationwide, 3,765 U.S. citizens lost their lives because of truck-related accidents in 2010. The number of wrongful deaths included the 7%of fatalities caused by 18 wheeler trucks. In Oklahoma, there are well over 5,000 accidents involving large trucks each year. Even though commercial vehicles are only responsible for a small minority of accidents (around 3%), the effects of these types of crashes are often devastating.


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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports the following as the primary most common causes for truck accidents in Oklahoma:

1. Poorly-maintained commercial trucks:

Sometimes, owners of trucks fail to repair and maintain their vehicles. The people who own the truck itself are responsible for ensuring it works well and doesn’t have any serious faults. They are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their vehicles. Consequently, tire blowouts, equipment failure, or faulty brakes can lead to misfortunes on the road.

2. Fatigued or drowsy driving:

Although federal regulations on the number of hours truck drivers should work per week exist, being on the steering wheel for long hours and lack of enough sleep still contributes to accidents. Driving when fatigued is almost as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Drowsy driving factors in around 20% of all fatal crashes.

3. Intoxication:

Taking charge of an auto while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Truck drivers must be drug tested after a fatal accident.

4. Distracted driving:

When drivers text or use cell phones and steer large vehicles simultaneously. Other forms of inattentive motoring include waving, reading newspapers, eating or drinking.

Overloading of 18 wheelers, improper merging on the road, unsafe driving practices, changing lanes frequently, the failure to follow blind spots rules cause accidents too.

5. Rollovers; The deadliest truck accidents:

Rollover and tip-over accidents are the most dangerous truck accidents because of the serious injuries and deaths they cause. Their shape and high center of gravity makes trucks very susceptible to tipping.  These accidents can become even more catastrophic if the truck is carrying chemicals or other hazardous materials that spill onto the highway.

Help for Tulsa, Oklahoma Truck Accident Victims

Tulsa is among the regions semi-trucks and huge commercial vehicles ply. There is frequent truck traffic on the I-35, Cimarron Turnpike, Creek Turnpike, I-244, I-I44, I-40, State Highway 75, Indian Nation Turnpike State Highway 169, and Turner Turnpike among other roads.

The personal injury attorneys at the law firm of Wandres Law understand the devastation families feel after the death a loved one in truck crashes. If you suffer commercial vehicle-related injuries or property damage, contact the Wandres Law to know your legal rights, free case evaluation, and advice on how to claim compensatory damages on the toll-free line 800-ASK-WLAW or local phone number (918) 641-4044.

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