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Your Personal Injury Case: What to Expect

Posted onFebruary 10, 2016

When you have been injured in an accident, it is important that you speak to a Tulsa personal injury lawyer about your rights to seek compensation and what to expect if you do have a case. Every case comes with it’s own set of circumstance and possible outcomes, but by understanding a how a personal injury case works in the legal system you will avoid any confusion while waiting for your case to settle.

Pretrial For Personal Injury Cases

In order to determine whether you have a personal injury case you must talk with a Tulsa personal injury lawyer to discuss the merits of your case. During this initial consultation your attorney will listen to all the details of the case and review any evidence you provide. If it is decided that you have a valid case, your attorney will begin preparing your paperwork.

The paperwork will include the Complaint, which is the initial legal document stating to the Court and to the Defendant that you intend to seek compensation for your losses due to the accident. A summons will be issued at this time to the Defendant to inform them of your intention. The final part of this phase will include the Answer, which is a legal document from the Defendant admitting to or denying the charges.

Resolution Prior To Trial

During this phase, your attorney and the defense attorney will begin gathering evidence about your case. This is known as Discovery, and you will most likely have to provide an oral statement about the case in a Deposition.

Many times, enough evidence is gathered during Discovery that it is inevitable for your case to win. If this occurs, your lawyer will most likely be offered a settlement amount for you to keep the case from going to trial. If you and your attorney agree the settlement is fair, the case is then settled and closed. During this period your attorney may also file different Motions with the Court to force the other side to settle based on the evidence, which may or may not work.

Going To Trial And Appeals

If your case proceeds to trial, it will proceed just like any civil matter. A jury will be selected and both sides of the case will present evidence and witnesses. The jury will then decide the outcome of the case and the award amount. If your case is not awarded, your attorney will have the right to take the case before the Court of Appeals and have the case reevaluated. Your attorney will explain the procedure with you for filing an appeal.

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